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Pinnacle Drilling Products is dedicated to providing outstanding service, product selection and custom manufacture, guiding you to the products you need, supported by knowledgeable and experienced “drilling” industry expertise, so that your projects run smoothly.

DTH Hammers

DTH Hammers

Efficient energy usage results in clean, straight, quality holes with deep hole capacity. DTH is one of the fastest methods to drill hard rock.
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Damage due to extreme conditions can render expensive tooling useless. To help our customers mitigate these costs we have invested in equipment to replace carbide buttons and rework any used bit or piece of tooling to almost new condition.

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A full service and fully equipped machine shop guarantees we can manufacture to industry and your specifications. With over 130 years of combined experience in machine/manufacture, Pinnacle will ensure your production is built to exacting standards, inspected and ready to use.


Need help with start-up, having production challenges or need a solution – Pinnacle Drilling Products provides personalized service. We boast a staff with a wide variety and many years’ experience in most drilling related situations.


Our in-house Engineers and Draftspeople work exclusively on your drilling solutions. In consultation, Pinnacle will design and lead into production your custom designed and machined products.

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Pinnacle offers complete service and products from simple product supply to custom development and manufacture. We will follow and assist with your project from conception, through in-house design to completion including follow-up support.